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Rent a Telescope

As a club member, you have access to our telescope rental program with the opportunity to borrow our incredible and easy-to-use tabletop Virtuoso GTi Dobsonians by Skywatcher.

Terms and Conditions

  • This Program is available for members only. 

  • The rental period is seven (7) days. Equipment must be returned to room 312b in Hennings before 3 pm on the last day of the rental period.

  • The lessee is responsible for transporting the equipment they rent.

  • If the lessee is unable to use the equipment due to the weather conditions, they have to re-book the equipment.

  • It is the lessee’s responsibility to inspect the condition of the equipment with the owner, before renting it.

  • The rental is free, and there is no damage deposit collected. However, the lessee is responsible for any damage caused to the equipment during their rental period. The lessee must pay the cost of repair or replacement for any damage or loss incurred while the equipment was in their possession. 

  • In no circumstances is the lessee permitted to modify, alter, or repair the rental equipment without prior permission or confirmation from the equipment owner.

​Disclaimer: Do not point the telescope at the sun. The UBC Astronomy Club

is not liable for any accident or injuries caused while operating the equipment.


*The complete terms and conditions can be found on the

rental agreement signed at the time of pick-up.

Meet the Telescopes

  • 150mm aperture, 750mm focal length

  • Red dot finder included

  • Collapsible optical tube for easy transportation

  • Built in Wi-Fi and full GoTo performance via the free SynScan Pro app

  • Alignment modes: One-Star, Brightest Star, North-Level Alignment, Three-Star 

  • Powered by 8 AA batteries or external 12V power supply

  • SynScan Pro app contains a database containing over 10,000 objects, including Messier, NGC, IC, and Caldwell catalogs 


(named after the ancient Greek god of sleep)

Get the applications:

For Android

For iOS


(named after the ancient Greek goddess of night)

You can find the Instruction Manual for the telescopes here.

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