Open Positions

General Officer
  • Open to anyone looking to be involved in the Club without previous experience, and without interest in a specific aspect or position of the club.

  • Hold the responsibility and privileges of a Councilor (i.e. meetings are mandatory).

  • Contributes to the club in at least two ways per month. This may include but is not limited to: physically helping out at events, joining committees, contributing ideas, running receipts for the Treasurer, etc).

Promotions Coordinator
  • This position is overseen by Vice-President Promotions.

  • Assists the Vice-President Promotions in their duties.

Social Media Manager
  • This position is overseen by Vice-President Promotions.

  • Manages all Astronomy Club social media accounts, and maintains active presence on social media that includes but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter.

  • Responds to messages on social media (including messages to the Club’s Facebook account and any comments on Club posts).

Apprenticeship Positions
  • VP Academic Apprentice

  • VP Promotions Apprentice

  • VP Social Apprentice