Open Positions

  • Takes photos and/or videos of Astronomy Club events and astronomical objects.

  • At least one photographer should be at every event. Photographers are responsible for getting photos. If the photographer is unable to attend an event, they must send a proxy.

  • Uploads photos to provide access to all Councillors.

Social Media Manager
  • This position is overseen by Vice-President Promotions.

  • Manages all Astronomy Club social media accounts, and maintains active presence on social media that includes but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter.

  • Responds to messages on social media (including messages to the Club’s Facebook account and any comments on Club posts).

  • Manages the UBC Astronomy Club Website, currently hosted on Wix.

  • Maintains and regularly updates the website as directed by the President and VP Promotions.

Apprenticeship Positions
  • VP Outreach Apprentice

  • VP Promotions Apprentice