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Flash Observation (2022-09-21)

Date: September 21st, 2022

Where: Outside Koerner Library

When: 9:30pm

With Jupiter's opposition approaching quickly the Astronomy Club set up on a Wednesday night to observe Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter was a fantastic spectacle with its red belts of swirling ammonia and ammonium hydrosulfide across the body of the planet and the four Galilean moons shining bright.

Saturn hung in the air like an orb surreally suspended. The Cassini Division between the A and B rings a dark line in space only 4,800 km wide was unmistakable. The club brought out our new 5.5" refractor telescope, also known affectionately as Aurita, and an 8" Dobsonian to an excited crowd of club members and students alike.

Testimonials include:

"Wow!"- Sean H.

"3.5 out of 5"- Justin L.

"This would be great on shrooms"- Anon

Approximate turnout: 120


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