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Council Positions

Executive Roles


  • Oversees all Astronomy Club activities.

  • Calls all Astronomy Club meetings to order and presides as the chairperson of those meetings — or delegates such duties to one of the Vice-Presidents.

  • Writes an agenda before every meeting and sends it out at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

  • Represents and acts for the Astronomy Club, maintaining a liaison with PHAS, AMS, Physsoc, BPSS, and the Astronomy Community at large.

  • Delegates emails sent to club email to relevant Vice-President.

  • Acts as 1 of 2 booking representatives for the club as per the AMS constitution.

  • Ensures club knowledge base is up to date and easily accessible


Vice-President Academic

Vice-President Observational

Vice-President Outreach

Vice-President Promotions

Vice-President Social

Non-Executive Roles

Astrophotography Director

  • Organizes events related to astrophotography, in conjunction with the VP Observational.

  • Takes astrophotos at club events and sends them to the promotions team for use in promotional materials.

Equipment Coordinator

General Officer

Observational Event Director



Social Coordinator

Promotions Coordinator

Social Media Manager

Sustainability Representative


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